“In Kim’s capable and experienced hands, I received more than a therapeutic massage for my troubled shoulder. I got light and love.  That may sound corny, but it’s how I felt. This small woman has a huge heart and a ton of skill honed over many years of practice.  I left with my shoulder relieved and energized, and the feeling that Kim is doing the exact work she was meant to do.  How often do you get to see that?  I was so fortunate to have been on her table to benefit from it. She brings pure love to her practice.  That, along with skill, is magic.”
Lois McNulty, Newburyport, MA

“Kim’s bodywork is outstanding. She has skilled hands, excellent knowledge of the body, great energy and works with loving heart.”
Gloria George-Dowd, LMT, LCSW

“The most amazing thing to me about Kim….is the incredibly consistent high quality of her work. … She is a gift to anyone who is fortunate enough to find her”
Patricia Newell-Bennett, Chilmark.

“Kim worked on me doing general massage and she also (worked with) my knee following a total knee replacement where all the tissues surrounding the joint were painfully inflamed and tight. Her work was extraordinary. She seemed to know exactly where to go and how much pressure to exert. I felt like I was learning the value of massage in a totally new way! And my knee, which had been stuck in pain, began to heal under her very strong and competent hands. … Her manner is warm and caring and I always have the sense of her strong personal integrity. She is a first class massage therapist”
Lea Delacour, MSW

“Kim, Thanks for the great massage. It did the trick, working on the connective tissue…was the answer!”
Rita. G, New York.

“The best part of the Vineyard is you!”
Marianne D, New Jersey.

“(Over the winter,) I went to a bunch of massage therapists, a different one each time. You are the best. Absolutely by far the best.”
David L, Connecticut/ Martha’s Vineyard.

…And the best email I’ve ever received from a client:

“Dear Kim.  Sorry to say I’ll need to reschedule.   Have to be at white house   (otherwise massage with u would trump). Could you fit me in on Thursday or Friday afternoon at 4pm or something like it?

Thanks and sorry to ask to reschedule.”